Meet the Team

Our Paseo Squad is based on teamwork, positivity, and perfection. We will work tirelessly to ensure your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of! Being family-owned, every member of our squad, from our office staff to set up crew to event team, takes pride in providing an exceptional experience, one couple at a time, for an unforgettable event.


“Clean freak who keeps things simple, hippie-type, and CEO of The Paseo. Jorge loves nature, enjoys hiking and mountain biking, a variety of sports and spending time with family.”


“Math nerd, business guide, Financial Officer/Co-founder of The Paseo. Becky has science in her mind, nature in her heart, and adventure in her soul.”


“Idea machine, zealous, Operations Officer/Co-founder of The Paseo. Kayla is married to her high school sweetheart and they have one daughter, she’s a lover of travel, and enjoys spending time at her family cabin!”


“Free spirited, loves to laugh, Co-Founder/Event Director at The Paseo. Kelsea is a lover of sports, all things sci-fi, and her dog Clementine.”


“Fun, creative, Event Director at The Paseo. Brittney is a mom of two girls, loves days at the lake, and binge watching shows on Netflix in her spare time.”


“Problem solver, enthusiastic, Event Director at The Paseo. Monica is a lover of outdoor adventures, novice chef, and rom-com expert.”


“Outgoing, personable, down to sing any Michael Bolton ballad. All around fun loving Event Director at The Paseo. Danielle is a creative magic maker who loves weddings. As a mom of two, Danielle is organized but also loves creativity in all forms especially interior design and photography.”


“Coffee lover, outgoing, and Office Manager at The Paseo. Yadira is a lover of owls, trips to Michael’s, and exploring new places.”


“Artistic, peaceful, Office Assistant at The Paseo. Isis is a mom to two adventurous boys, loves watching movies, and spending time with family.”


“Kind, good-humored, Set Up Supervisor at The Paseo. Louis loves baseball, family, and spending time with his daughter Tessa.”

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